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We offer a broad range of services for business of all sizes

VARTEQ is a technology consulting firm that offers broad range of solutions, from concept and strategy, to design, implementation, testing and support, helping clients achieve their business goals.

We support 3 engagement models that help clients meet their business goals and fit their operational and financial objectives. Each engagement model is cost effective and has a number of benefits.

Dedicated Offshore Team

An offshore team of VARTEQ specialists is assigned to work exclusively on a series of client’s projects.
Project management is performed by the client through direct communication with dedicated VARTEQ offshore team lead.
Offshore team adopts to existing client methodologies and best practices and may offer improvements upon request.
The model allows for a full scope control by the client.
Hybrid On-Site/Offshore Team

A dedicated team of offshore VARTEQ specialists is assigned to work exclusively on client’s projects and is lead by an on-site VARTEQ leadership.
On-site VARTEQ professionals help coordinate offshore team efforts and report to client’s management.
Offshore and on-site professionals adopt existing client methodologies and best practices and may offer improvements upon request.
The model enables even better communication between client and VARTEQ’s dedicated team allowing for additional business expertise and knowledge transfer capabilities.
The client retains full control over the team’s activities with an option to delegate some of the daily coordination tasks to the on-site VARTEQ team leadership.
Staff Augmentation

Select VARTEQ specialists are assigned to work exclusively on client’s projects together with client’s staff and lead by client’s management.
Highly skilled VARTEQ professionals offer valuable expertise to the combined team.
VARTEQ specialists adopt to existing client’s methodologies and best practices.
The client has full control over the project.
The model allows clients to temporarily expand their staff to achieve their business goals.

Enterprise software development

Mobile iPhone and Android application development

Unity development for cross-platform 3D games and applications

Mobile and Facebook game development and design

Website design and development

Performance tuning

Test automation

Quality assurance

Embedded Software Development

At VARTEQ we are proud to have been a driving force behind a host of electronic devices and hi-tech gadgets for SmartHouses and Internet of Things.

Deep Lerning

Deep learning has opportunities to solve challenges across all types of industries. VARTEQ creates deep learning solutions for enterprises.

Need something specific?

Should there be something specific, not listed here, or confidential you need to discuss with an expert, don’t hesitate to contact us directly to get a free quote. Starting from your first inquiry, all your sensitive information and contact details will be treated confidential and safeguarded by the established information security policy.